Domains registered up to March 7, 2000 containing the word 'infoworld'

Registered Domains

(* functional site)


Registered Domains

functional sites

Registered Domains

parked sites


Registered Domains

non-functional sites

gTLD (com .net .org)

* (!)


gTLD (com .net .org)


Other ccTLD (Mexico) (Malaysia) (Republic of Korea)

gTLD (com .net .org)


gTLD (com .net .org) 

Other ccTLD (Tajikistan) (Tajikistan) (Tajikistan) (Tajikistan) (South Africa) (Quebec, Canada)

Total IDG: 11


Total non-IDG: 15


Total non-IDG: 18


Total non-IDG: 30


Total domains: 74 including 17 functional sites, 18 functional addresses
Total IDG domains: 11 including 2 functional sites, 0 functional addresses
Total Non-IDG domains: 63 including 15 functional sites, 18 functional addresses



1. gTLD stands for global Top Level Domain, that is any domain with a .com, .net, or .org extension. ccTLD stands for country code Top Level Domain, that is any domain with an .mx (Mexico) extension, for example, which means a Top Level Domain within a country.

2. We do not claim that this is a definitive list of all domains that fit an *infoworld* search. Our search has been exhausting but not exhaustive.

3. Some of the registered domains that are apparently Non-IDG may have been registered for IDG by third parties, though all functioning or parked Non-IDG domains show no evidence of having anything to do with IDG or its related companies. None of the 32 other Non-IDG sites or valid addresses deny any affiliation with IDG or either, and none of them provide a clickthru to

4. We saw no evidence of any site that could reasonably be mistaken for

5. We are unaware of any of the above domains other than ourselves being sent letters by IDG.

6. Unlike, many of the other functioning *infoworld* sites are commercial sites, some of the parked or registered but non-functional sites also show evidence of being intended for commercial activity.  And unlike, many of the commercial sites have something to do with the computer field, for example, computer training or computer hardware sales.

7. Also unlike, some of the registered sites are listed as for sale.

8. We have not included examples which have an address like these imaginary ones: or, though such do exist, again apparently without any IDG affiliation, or denial of same, or a clickthru to

9. We have not attempted to verify if non-functional web addresses are being used for purposes other than websites, they may be functional for email, for example, at: . We are comparing websites only.

10. The IDG domains,,, and were registered after our registration of, and apparently after another party's registration and subsequent operation of

last updated 03/07/2000
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